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Who we are - White Oaks
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Who we are

Who we are

And what we care about.

White Oaks Media & Consulting helps CEOs develop their personal brand and shares it with the world through specific and targeted media campaigns. We care deeply about the personality, (career) accomplishments and influential position of company leaders and strongly believe their stories are in need of telling. Whether you are interested in increasing bottom-line revenue, preparing to leave your legacy or inspiring others… let’s take a walk and discuss the big picture.


Branding the most inspiring CEOs is a personal mission of White Oaks’ founder Astrid Peters, MSc. To this end, the company works with a high-quality selection of skilled professionals in the fields of PR, publishing, branding, online media, public speaking, coaching and several branches of consultancy.

White Oaks Media & Consulting is located in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. Our USA partner is Ascendant Group, a CEO branding development firm specializing in corporate brand strategy and development for CEO and executive leaders. With offices in Egypt, India, USA and recently The Netherlands, Ascendant Group combines professional knowledge from more than one continent in an expanding worldwide strategy, assisting talented leaders who are ready to reach the globe.


White Oaks is proud to be part of this global network. We are also proud of Dutch and European CEOs who are innovative, empathetic, charismatic, driven, talented… and perhaps slightly underexposed. Do these keywords describe you? And does the term CEO Branding leave you feeling energized, curious and motivated? Give us a call and we’ll tell you all about it.